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About Life

It is part of my job, meeting so many people, listening to their stories and commiserating as well as sharing their happinesses…If they are unhappy, I try my best to show them how beautiful life is and how we should enjoy every moment. You wouldn’t believe how effective a small surgical touch is. But if you ask me, the key secret in all of these positive results lies simply behind the positive energy you capture and of course mutual understanding.

Rhinoplasty Surgery especially requires dynamic thinking: problem-solving skills, practical experience and creativity. It is truly a tough one. You kind of have to devote your life to this purpose “your surgeries” in order to be good at it. As in all areas of life if you don’t relish it, you can be a good surgeon, but an unhappy person. If you don’t love what you do, there will be no positive energy flow in your environment. I believe that this is exactly my secret. It is from a very classical belief, isn’t is?  I love everything about facial plastic surgery. And I believe, every patient I make happy becomes a new source of energy in me..

“Knowledge grows when shared” is another frequently used statement, but I could hardly chew on. Over the years, while I was getting experience in rhinoplasty surgery, an enthusiastic young doctor team started gathering around me. I wasn’t a teacher, I didn’t have to share my knowledge I gained in years, helping those people was out of my job duties. However, there was another path I could follow. I could guide those doctors and be transparent about everything. So I picked the second path. Only then I was able to understand “Knowledge grows when shared ” and you actually learn more than you teach. A lot of assistant doctor friends of mine did not forget to thank me in their graduation thesis beside their clinical physician. I want to thank all of them here for always keeping me young, dynamic and energetic. Just because they don’t hide knowledge and they share it like me.. We carry big responsibilities on our shoulders “ human health”. Therefore, sharing information has a greater importance to us.

During the surgery, I forget all my daily problems, appointments and programs in my head. I know how much time matters to the patient. It is their most valuable time. I have to respect that and must be fully focused on what I do. Of course in all areas of life “focus” is important but, when it comes to human health- especially the nose being one of the most visible organs and located right in the middle of the face- “focus” has a major importance.

It is my biggest and strongest wish to have joyful, smiling and healthy faces around me. For this reason, I always stay dynamic, try to improve myself with new knowledge, experiences and skills and try to use them for the health of my patients.

Nose and facial cosmetic surgeries are very common surgical procedures which reshape and enhance the beauty of our faces as the most important reflection of our identity. Extremely good results occur in the hands of a well-trained surgeon with a fine artistic view. Aesthetic operations have made lots of people happy.

While I was studying in the Faculty of Medicine, I knew I would improve my self on a creative task. I had noticed my manual skills in early ages. When I decided to be a doctor, I knew from the beginning I was going to be a surgeon. What attracted me the most about a nose major was its ability to combine both an artistic perspective and fine surgical skills.

I want to take this opportunity to express my thanks to my esteemed colleagues for their contributions to my Rhinoplasty journey.

Prof. Dr. Bahman Guyuron Cleveland, USA

Prof. Dr. Dean Toriumi, Chicago, USA

Dr. Charles East, London, England

Dr. Milos Kovacevic, Hamburg, Germany

Dr. Olivier Gerbault, Paris, France

Dr. Yves Saban, Nice, France

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