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Diamond Rhinoplasty

A new way to shape your nose, Diamond Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is the most frequently performed cosmetic plastic surgery in the world among all the procedures. Because of its great effect on the facial expression and beauty, a successful rhinoplasty makes a good contribution in terms of both health and aesthetics.

For years, this surgery was performed by breaking the nasal bones. Because of this, bruising and swelling were seen in the postoperative period. Unwanted and  uncontrolled fractures and wrong healing could be seen due to breaking bones.

Technological developments have begun a new era in the nose surgeries. Thanks to Piezo surgery technique which works with high-frequency vibrations, it is possible to form hard tissues such as bones without breaking them and work on fine details. The diamond tip is used which was developed by Dr. Olivier Gerbault from Paris for shaping the nasal bones. Diamond Rhinoplasty technique has become my routine for rhinoplasty. It is much safer and gives more predictable results .. With this technique, there will be no severe bruising and swelling,  if the patient has no predisposition for bruising and swelling.

Diamond Rhinoplasty technique which was developed by Dr. Gerbault, is a member of International Rhinoplasty Research Society as I am, will change the course of rhinoplasty and spread rapidly throughout the world.


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