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Facial Analysis for Rhinoplasty

How to find the right doctor?

Importance of the facial analysis for Rhinoplasty You aren’t pleased with the look of your nose and you decided to undergo a nose surgery. However, which doctor you choose? Got some close relatives who had the same operation before? Or Celebrity doctors? If the highest price means the best doctor? You began to search but you are more confused now?

Choosing the right surgeon is the most important and difficult decision you make when considering a nose surgery. Aesthetic nasal surgery requires exceptional surgical skills and aesthetic perspective in addition to the experience in facial analysis. Your doctor’s previous surgery results, approach to the nasal & facial harmony and experience -quantity & variety of the operations she/he has been performed so far- should be considered carefully before making any decision.

Nowadays, Internet technology is the most common data acquisition platform.  You can find the answers to your questions with the help of information which is provided by social forums and similar platforms.  However, if you want to make a healthy decision, you better meet the doctors face to face and see their previous patient’s pictures. The postoperative process of Rhinoplasty takes a long time, the communication between you and your doctor is just as important as the doctor’s attitude to you. You should pick a doctor who understands your concerns and resolves them. A doctor who is able to inform you clearly about your operation. Remember, with the combination of a right surgeon, an accurate diagnosis, a well-chosen surgical technique and a successful operation, there is nothing between you and the look you want. 

Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision Rhinoplasty In case of unsatisfactory cosmetic results or breathing problems after Rhinoplasty surgery, Revision (correction) nose surgeries intervene in.After  a failed rhinoplasty surgery patients tend to become desperate and start losing their hope, if they are never going to have the nose they wanted. They even believe that it can no longer be corrected. Besides that they are likely to be impatient. They want to see the results immediately. However, it should be noted that; the healing process after Rhinoplasty is a process which requires a long waiting period and patience. Read All…


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