Other Functional Nose Surgeries

Other Functional Nose Surgeries

Submucosal resection of the inferior turbinate

Other Functional Nose Surgeries Reducing tissue with radiofrequency is not a solution in cases where the size of the inferior turbinate is dependent on the thickness of the skeleton. In such cases, mucus, which coats the nasal turbines will be  preserved and its thickness on the skeleton will be reduced. Thus, the nasal turbinates without congestion and thickness, will continue to fulfill their function even with the reduced size.

Nasal Valve Surgery

We give the name nasal valve where air enters the nasal cavity. The nasal valve acts as a flow-limiter. The internal nasal valve is usually the narrowest part of the nose. Air entry cannot be detected in patients who has nasal blockage caused by narrowing or collapsed nasal valve  along with the deviation. Thus, the problem of breathing continues and the operation fails, If this problem is not cured along with deviation. Therefore, the region should be examined if there is  an angular stenosis causing obstruction.

Nasal decongestants sold in pharmacies or anti snoring nasal strips are actually expanding this area to simply breath better. However, you cannot live with nose bands forever. Permanent surgical techniques can be applied in order to widen the nasal valve. Nasal valve surgery can be performed with the deviation, with cosmetic surgery or so, as well as performed alone.

Balloon Synoplasty

FESS  as a revolutionized the treatment of chronic sinusitis and still today’s most important technique is extremely helpful in subjects of safety and duration of the surgery. It can be used alone in patients with sinusitis, which is caused just because of the shortness of the sinus channels, with no nasal polyp formation or it can be used for the patients who require a full sinus surgery. The Balloon Synoplasty method has been successfully used in sinusitis surgery in our clinic. We ask that you make an appointment for more information.


Radiofrequency Applications
Concha Bullosa Surgery

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