Otoplasty – Ear Correction

Ear Aesthetics

Ear as being an organ that allows us to hear, is also one of the determining factors of facial appearance. The most easily noticeable part of the outer ear is also known as “pinna” can be corrected with a simple surgical intervention. Cosmic ear surgery is performed mostly to children in our country. Ear aesthetics don’t affect the ability to hear at all. It corrects the shape of the ear, without giving no harm to the hearing. A thorough ear examination will be done prior to surgery. Cartilage that causes the appearance of disorder is determined and is supported with photo work. The operation will remain limited with that specific cartilage. With our clinic’s experience in all kinds of face and ear aesthetic operation, we make sure of client satisfaction and happiness.

What should be considered before the ear aesthetic?

Those who choose to have cosmetic surgery to smooth the appearance of the ear, should share what they expect from this surgery with the doctor. Aspirin and other drugs that may increase bleeding as well as smoking and alcohol are prohibited before and after the surgery. If you feel fever, sore throat or soreness, you should let your doctor know before surgery. You should bring a front buttoned or zippered top in order not to damage your ears while changing clothes. No water contact for 2 days after surgery.

What should be taken into consideration after the ear aesthetic?

A band is put on the patient’s head area surrounding the ear after ear aesthetic surgery. This tape should be maintained for a week. After this time, you can remove the tape. For the first month, it is normal to feel numbness and extreme sensitivity to touch in the ear area. However, this feeling disappears over time.

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