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Tip Plasty (Cosmetic Surgery of The Nasal Tip)

What is Cosmetic Surgery of The Nasal Tip?

Tip Plasty (Cosmetic Surgery of The Nasal Tip) It is performed for deformities only on nose tip, no intervention on the roof. It is also known as Tip Plasty.  Almost no swelling and bruising is observed in Tip Plasty. Because of the fact that the entire procedure is limited only to the nasal tip, recovery time is shorter. Tip of the nose is being a key determinant in our expression. Your expression is more rigid the more your nose tip looks down and the lower the nose-lip angle. Especially in men, low nose-lip angle leads to an edgy look. If the tip of the nose unusually inclined downwards, it creates distress in the breathing. If you have big nose wings, your nostrils look bigger too.

The bulbous nasal tip is one of the common reasons that patients seek Tip Plasty. In this case, your nose looks like either a ball or split in the middle of the nasal tip. It can be very disturbing and eye-catching that you feel like people cannot stop looking at your nose.

To resolve all of the problems above, a straightforward application for an average of half an hour is more than enough.  The nasal tip cartilage is reshaped and the nose-lip angle is adjusted well. No need for a cast or bumper, no swelling or bruising around the eyes, no overnight hospital stays. Clean! You can get back to your social life and work in no time.

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