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Functional Nose Surgeries

Operations Which Make it Easier to Breathe

Functional Nose Surgeries Nasal congestion affects the quality of life adversely and is a common problem. Even the nasal obstruction for a few days which is caused by a simple upper respiratory tract infection decreases sleep quality and daily lives of people are negatively affected by this situation. If nasal congestion gets steady state, it will lead to deterioration in the quality of sleep and our entire life will be influenced. The diseases often cause nasal congestion are able to be treated by the drug treatments yet, surgical intervention may be required in some cases.

However, in cases where the nose can be corrected with surgery and a surgical intervention is mandatory functional nose surgery is performed. Interventions are assessed in accordance with the person’s situation and the patient is informed before the operation in detail. After maximum 1-hour operation in a fully equipped hospital environment the patient was discharged on the same day. There is a follow-up visit on the 3rd day and then the patient can return to everyday life after the 5th day.

Nasal Septal Deviation (Deviation), Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS), Reducing the nasal turbinates with radiofrequency, Concha Bullosa Surgery, Submucosal Resection of the Inferior Turbinate, Balloon Synoplasty and Nasal Valve Surgery methods are the functional nose operations which make it easier to breath. After a functional nasal surgery individuals are free from troubles such as poor sleep, breathing and difficulty in speaking. Functional Nose Surgeries

Other Functional Nose Surgeries

Submucosal resection of the inferior turbinate

Reducing tissue with radiofrequency is not a solution in cases where the size of the inferior turbinate is dependent on the thickness of the skeleton. In such cases, mucus, which coats the nasal turbines will be  preserved and its thickness on the skeleton will be reduced. Thus, the nasal turbinates without congestion and thickness, will continue to fulfill their function even with the reduced size. Read All…


Radiofrequency Applications
Concha Bullosa Surgery

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